How to watch cartoons online for free?

Watch Cartoons Online

Occupied with the thought of rising costs of entertainment avenues, such as web subscriptions, over-the-top media and paid streaming sites that have deprived you of the pleasure of binge-watching cartoons? Clear your head, lay back and chill because in this guide we will comprehensively tell you how to watch cartoons online for free.

There are not only websites to watch cartoons online but other methods such as mobile and tablet operating systems applications, torrent streaming clients and the use of virtual private networks, to access cartoon content not available in your region. Below we will unravel these avenues, and help you unleash your childhood, with an ever enjoyable and free cartoon watching experience.

Method 1:

Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Online websites that allow streaming are basically running on third-party affiliated servers, that they do not own. Which means that these websites that provide cartoon, or content streaming are hosted on external servers that can be placed in any region of the world. They host a vast array of content such as cartoon series, movies and tv shows, just at the whim of a mouse’s click.

Although the consumption of copyrighted content without the consent of the patent-holding authority can be a grave piracy concern, the best feature that online websites to watch cartoons online have is that they are dynamic in the sense that if watchdogs shut them down, they can simply restablish their URLs on different servers. Furthermore, the viewers stay safe simply because of the fact that it is the website that might get shut down, rather than an independent connoisseur of cartoons getting a letter for his violation. Another advantage of using this avenue to watch cartoons online is that these websites are widely accessible and very convenient to log into. All a person needs is an internet connection and a device that can run a web browser, and voila, unlimited streaming is at their disposal.

What makes these websites more lucrative for cartoon watching is the fact that the risk to download phishing applications, spyware and malware is relatively less because of the traffic these websites encounter: children, although these websites cannot guarantee HD quality for all cartoon episodes, series, and shows. These websites are also notorious for running dozens of advertisements and pop-ups that make the user experience frustrating at times.

  • To Watch Cartoons Online, simply type in your browser the URL of these websites,
Kiss Cartoons Browsing
  • Get accustomed to their library and user interface
Kiss Cartoon Library
  • Search for whatever series you are daydreaming about 
Kiss Cartoosn Episodes
  • Play your favorite cartoons and enjoy

Below is a list, with features of some of the most Amazing Websites to Watch Cartoons Online



A legendary website to watch cartoons online, Cartoonson is unique in its interface.It provides its users with organized libraries of cartoons with regards to a specific character. Which means, the fans of Batman, Mickey Mouse, or Superman can simply search their favorite characters name and a list of all cartoons that feature their character will be displayed for them to enjoy. The most elegant feature of this website, which makes the watching experience oh so pleasurable is the fact that the website does not host swathes of unsolicited pop-ups and advertisements. This website also has its featured application that can be downloaded on streaming devices, such as mobiles and tablets.

.Watch Anime Online

Watch Anime Online

Having a revered legacy and fan following of their own, anime cartoons are the trail-blazers in revolutionizing the cartoon scene throughout the world. Watch Anime Online, is one of the original websites that hosts a wide array of animes that you just cannot ignore. A feature that makes this website desirable is that anime lovers can watch cartoons in either original Japanese format, in which they were produced, use subtitles, or watch the shows in a dubbed version that has English recording. The only downside of this website to watch online cartoons is that it does not integrate with an ad-blocker. This means that the viewers should expect a couple of advertisement pop-ups here and there.

.Kiss Cartoons

Kiss Cartoon

A website to watch cartoons online, Kiss Cartoons, may appear childish at a first glance but is formidable in its content. KissCartoons is a great substitute to CartoonsOn because it not only has an extensive library of cartoon series but also immediately updates new releases to series and displays them on the homepage so that regular views can stay up to date with their favorite series

Method 2:

Torrent Streaming Clients for free online Cartoons

The use of torrents in different parts of the world has always been a contested topic, with some people maintaining that its use is illegal, and can be tracked to the end-user. This might be true but it does not detract us from the advantages that it gives. The best feature that these torrent streaming clients provide is the control that the viewer can exercise, shifting in between any quality that he likes. From HD prints to relatively modest picture quality, torrent streaming clients provide cartoon-freaks with all solutions. Not only this, these streams can be cast to your favorite devices just by a click.

Many streaming clients are present online, that can be downloaded for free such as BitTorrent, uTorrent and web torrent. The following steps can be followed
  • Open your web browser and search preferred torrent client :
Web Torrent
  • Download the torrent client from the website
Web Torrent Installation
  • Install the torrent client and open its GUI
Web Torrent GUI
  • Accustom yourself with the torrent streaming option in the elegant interface 
Drop Link on Web Torrent
  • Now copy the torrent of the cartoon you desire to watch, and paste its link in the streaming interface option
Drop Link on
  • Enjoy smooth playback after the streamable content has buffered for some time
Play Cartoons
Method 3:

Applications to Watch Free Cartoons Online

With the onset of billions of users of mobile phones and tablets, the world of applications is becoming increasingly relevant in providing entertainment to its users. To step up the game for cartoon viewers, there are some apps that are doing exceptionally well to provide free access to cartoons online, just by the swipe of the finger. Below is a list of a couple of these applications that can be used to watch free cartoons online.

To watch free cartoons on mobile applications follow the following steps:

  • Open the Google playstore on your android devices, or the AppStore on your iOS devices
Kids Android Apps
  • Search the following apps, Youtube Kids, or PlayKids
Play Kids App
  • Download the application, and let it install
Play Kids Downloading App
  • After the application is installed, play it
Play Kids App
  • Use the interface of the applications, and the search bar to view preferred content and enjoy

Youtube Kids

youtube Kids App

YouTube, is arguably the best video hosting platform. YouTube hosts billions of videos that cover almost every genre that the human experience includes. Staying true to its commitment of providing entertainment for all people, YouTube has extended this courtesy and started YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids has a wide range of cartoons, movies, rhymes, jingles, poems and educational videos that children can use to learn alphabets, numbers and basic science. The Application is divided into 4 categories such as Shows, Music, Recommended and Learning. The best part is that like all other videos of YouTube, the content on YouTube Kids is also free. Android users can download the app from PlayStore, whereas iOS users can use the AppStore. 


Play Kids App

Another popular app is PlayKids. This free cartoon watching app features a wide variety of cartoons, and playbacks that instill instrumental teaching value in impressionable children. Children can read and sing along with animations that help them memorize numbers, alphabets and basic concepts. PlayKids can be downloaded from the Google play store and Apple AppStore.

Method 4:

Virtual private networks to watch cartoons inaccessible in your region

Some cartoon producing studios are sly in the sense that they post entire new episodes of cartoons online, but the problem with accessing this content is that it is restricted to the audience of a certain region. With the advent of virtual private networks, namely VPN, any one can connect to a virtual network of a region of their choice and access these entertaining cartoons for free. To do this, you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Open a web browser and search preferred VPN client
  • Download the VPN client from its website and install it
  • Open the application and observe the graphic user interface
  • Connect the VPN to a region which has free access to streamable cartoon websites
  • Let the virtual private network be established, and then access the websites to enjoy free online cartoons

Disclaimer: Some of these free cartoon websites might be in conflict with a region’s privacy laws. In this case, this website will not be responsible for consequences. Furthermore, in principle this website does not support copyright infringement and illegal distribution of intellectual property

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