Best Apps to Watch Cartoons Online for free

In a world where everything is commodified and requires the exchange of money, it is important to search for avenues that still allow free access to entertainment. With the onset of excessive use of streaming devices such as mobile phones and tablets, users are resorting to the use of applications for their entertainment cravings. These applications cater to almost all entertainment needs including watch cartoons online. If you are a cartoon-freak and enjoy watching cartoons online, and would prefer to know about apps that are balanced, well-integrated, bug-free and optimized, we have you covered below. Here is a list of applications for both android and iOS users, that will save them from the drudgery of using browsers for watching cartoons online.

Best Apps to Watch Cartoons Online


Watch Cartoons Youtube Logo

All of us are addicted to YouTube, because it is arguably the best video hosting, and content creation platform. YouTube hosts billions of videos that cover almost every niche that the human experience encompasses. Staying true to its commitment of providing entertainment for all people, YouTube has extended this courtesy and started YouTube Kids, for children of all ages and maturity levels. YouTube Kids has a vast library of cartoons, movies, rhymes, jingles, poems and shows that are children friendly- and can also be browsed without the chance of mature content showing up. The Application is divided into 4 categories such as Shows, Music, Recommended and Learning. The best part is that like all other videos of YouTube, the content on YouTube Kids is also free. Android users can download the app from PlayStore, whereas iOS users can use the AppStore. This app is also available on platforms such as SonyTv and other smart television setups.


PlayKids App

Another popular app is PlayKids. This free cartoon watching app features a wide variety of cartoons, and playbacks that instill instrumental teaching value in budding children. Children can read and sing along with animations that help them memorize numbers, alphabets and basic concepts. PlayKids can be downloaded from the Google play store and Apple AppStore, by users of android and apple devices respectively.

Cartoon Network App

Cartoon Network App

An integral part of our childhood favourites, Cartoon Network now features a free cartoon watching app that has a glossary of the cartoons we love and admire. This app exclusively has videos of full length episodes of series that are both notorious for a large fan following, and that are relatively novel. This app is featured on both the PlayStore and Appstore.



Boomerang is unique in the case that it is a cross-category cartoon hosting application that includes a library laden with cartoons from different cartoon networks such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Furthermore, this free cartoon watching application also features original series made by Boomerang itself. If the user takes a liking to the facilities of the application, they can also subscribe to an advertisement free experience!

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